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Clubhouse Use Agreement

  1. The capacity of the Clubhouse is a maximum of 30 persons (per Fire Regulations). If a larger event is planned, a permit from the Fire Department must be obtained.
  2. The Clubhouse can be reserved by contacting the Management Company with as much notice as possible.
  3. A refundable security deposit of $100.00 must be paid at the time of application. (See Article VI, Item B.) The deposit will be refunded if there is no damage after the Clubhouse is returned to its original condition and the keys are returned to the Management Company within 48 hours of the event.
  4. After the event, all trash must be removed from the room as well as the pool and spa areas and put in the dumpsters. The room must be cleaned and the carpet vacuumed. All surfaces should be wiped clean and all furniture returned to its original position. Any items brought to the Clubhouse for the event must be removed along with any decorations.
  5. In the event of damage or additional cleaning is required, the security deposit will be held until the repair or replacement cost has been billed to the Association. The Homeowner will be responsible to make up any additional charges not covered by the security deposit. If the costs are less than the deposit, the Homeowner will receive the difference in refund.
  6. All requests for use will be granted on a first come, first served basis.
  7. The Clubhouse may not be reserved for regular, weekly or monthly events unless approved by the Board.
  8. The Clubhouse cannot be reserved during the times of the regular Homeowners Association or Board of Directors meetings.
  9. The individual reserving the Clubhouse is granted exclusive use of the Clubhouse during the event. No uninvited guests will be allowed.
  10. Use of the pool is NOT restricted by Clubhouse reservations.
  11. All pool rules remain in effect during any event.
  12. Clubhouse furniture is not to be removed from the Clubhouse without the permission of the Board of Directors, with full understanding of how it is to be stored and protected and when it is to be returned.
  13. Bands and loud music is strictly prohibited in the pool and Clubhouse area unless approved by the Board of Directors.
  14. The Clubhouse may not be reserved for commercial purposes.
  15. The hours of the Clubhouse use will coincide with the pool hours, i.e., 10PM Sunday thru Thursday, 11PM Friday and Saturday.
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